Ways A Person Can Protect His Invention from Infringement

As a business owner, to generate a continuous flow of money from your business property, you need to get it licensed. This also implies that one should apply for a patent. It not just gives you sole ownership to your business technology, idea, products and processes, but also gives you peace of mind that it will not be used anywhere without your permission.

Failing to apply for a patent can put your rights to your invention and your overall business at a great risk. In addition to the patent application, there are certain ways that would ensure that your business remains protected from infringement at all times.

File for a provisional patent

Application for a patent is a must for every business who values the importance of its resources and property. The patent application determines not just the financial future of a business and also its success.

Till the time you don’t get an official patent, you can apply for a provisional patent. This is only possible if your invention is patentable. In case, it is not patentable, then you need to get your customers or business employees sign an NDA or Nondisclosure Agreement.

What if the employees or customers don’t sign NDA?

If your invention does not come under the category of patentable and customers are refusing to sign the NDA agreement, then you need to be careful while opening up with them about new business schemes, launches, technology, ideas, etc. You need to be extra cautious because the more you disclose about the invention, the more chances are there for it to get copied or stolen.

Learn the process for filing a Patent

Do a good research on the filing procedure, and if your invention is patentable, you must immediately file for a PPA or provisional patent application. If the status of patent shows pending then also it will be enough to prevent potential thieves and safeguard your invention.

Any individual or a business entity can perform the patent filing task on its own. The process is simple but requires a good amount of time and patience. For filing the patent, you need to visit the Patent and Trademark Office in your country. There you can get all the necessary instructions to perform the job and protect your invention.

You can even take the assistance of a patent infringement lawyer. On taking their expert assistance, you can be rest assured that your patent will be filed at the earliest and in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Always use NDA or Nondisclosure Agreements

Using NDA is one of the best ways to protect your business property from any threat from unknown customers. This is a type of confidentiality agreement which when signed imposes restrictions on the person not to disclose the ideas of a business. Failing to follow the instructions can cause severe punishment to a person.


These are some of the most beneficial ways for every business, who wishes to keep their inventions safe and secured from illegitimate use.

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