How To Remove Revenge Pornography From Google?

We all love to post pictures/videos on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. However, there are some cases in which a person might post your picture/video on social media without your consent. This is commonly known as revenge porn.

How Common Is The Problem?

There can be various reasons of revenge pornography including threatening, blackmailing etc. In most of the cases, the person posting the pictures and/or threatening to do so is victim’s known. This issue is very common such that you should be aware of the revenge porn state laws.

As per a report, it has been found that around 36% of people send their intimate and private pictures of their partners. Moreover, around 10-12% of ex-partners threaten to post private pictures online on social media websites.

In case you or any of your friends fall prone to such a problem, knowledge of revenge porn removal techniques will help you to combat the situation. However, as the saying goes on “prevention is better than cure”, therefore adhere to following preventive measures to avoid revenge pornography:

• Keep Your Date Password Protected

It’s important that you secure your private media files using security passwords. Keep the passwords so strong that no one can guess and crack it.

• Don’t Share Private Information

It’s important that you don’t share your private information including media files with everyone. It is highly advisable not to share your intimate pictures and videos with anyone.

• Use Private Settings

Social media websites including Facebook and Instagram have privacy features, using which you can protect your personal stuff. It’s better to learn more about the privacy settings by digging more. Such information will help you to remain safe from revenge pornography type of situation.

• Always Log Out
It’s important that you always log out of your social media accounts. This is important since if you keep your account logged-in in various browsers, people can access them without your permission. This can even lead to serious issues like account hacking.

Remove Revenge Porn from Google

Even after taking above mentioned steps, in case your private pictures go viral, don’t panic. Social media sites including Facebook, Instagram etc. maintain high security in this regard. Even, software giant Google has taken several steps to combat the situation. The victim needs to make a legal and valid request to Google for removing content from the search results. Till date, the search results can’t be deleted altogether, however the websites can be made hard to find.

To do this, the victim needs to fill a form mentioning the name of offending website. After submitting the information to Google, the search results will become less visible online. However, if a situation happens that you find someone’s revenge pornography, then also don’t hesitate to take initiative. Make sure that you put a request to the social media website for removing particular content from the website.


Hope this guide will help you to understand the problem of revenge pornography.

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