Popular Car Wash Equipments You Can Buy

Are you planning to buy an automatic car washing system? Do you know what the advantages of using an automatic car washing system are? Till a few years back, many believe that manual car washing was better and completely ignored automatic car washing.

But, today, due to the development of latest technologies, many automatic car washing equipments have been introduced that made car washing easier and affordable. Before you choose the best car wash equipment, you need to consider the following points.

Points to Consider When Buying Car Wash Equipment

  • Cleaning Ability: The main point to consider when buying new car wash equipment is its cleaning ability. You need to make sure the equipment you are planning to buy cleans all areas of the vehicle easily and does the job quickly.
  • Touch Free or Friction: Another important point to consider before buying car wash equipment is to check whether you need a touch free or friction equipment. Friction equipment is a good option for vehicles that give you trouble while washing. But, if you do not wish to handle claims of customers, it is good to avoid friction car wash equipments as some customers blame friction equipment for damages that are already present in the vehicle.
  • Speed: Speed of washing is another important factor you need to consider before selecting the car wash equipment. If you want to wash many vehicles at a time, you need to select an equipment with high speed of washing.
  • Engineering: The final point to consider when buying car wash equipment is the quality of engineering work put into it. That’s why you need to make sure the manufacturer is someone whom you can trust. ISTOBAL is a top car wash equipment supplier in the world. They offer car wash installing and best car wash equipments at the most affordable rates.

Among the different types of automatic car wash equipments you can buy, the most popular are Rollovers and Tunnel.

Rollover Car Wash Equipment

Rollover is a car wash product that can be found in car wash centers in USA. The driver of the vehicle just has to take the vehicle to the car park of the car wash center and apply hand break, the automatic car wash equipment will wash the car and it is even capable of performing car wax, tire clean and spot free rinse.

Rollovers can be with brushes or touchless and can be with the dryer inside or outside. The main advantage of the rollovers automatic car wash equipment is that it uses less amount of fresh water compared to other types of automatic car wash equipment. Rollovers are also quick and can complete a car wash in really quick time without checking the patience of the driver. Thus, many car wash centers use rollovers manufactured by ISTOBAL, the number one leader in vehicle wash and care.

Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

Popular automatic car wash equipment used by many is the Tunnel Car Wash Equipment. In fact, it is considered as the quickest automatic car wash equipment that is present today in the market.

The major advantage of tunnel car wash is that it can wash more than one vehicle at a time. You can apply many products while it is cleaning the car as the conveyor belt moves around during the process of washing the car. There will be no extra time required to apply additional products and the owner of the vehicle can decide about what all products to apply when selecting the tunnel automatic car wash method.

Both car wash equipments discussed above are good and ensure to maintain the excellent quality of the car. Based on your budget and requirement, you can select any one that will provide you with quality car wash service.

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