What Do You Need When Getting Auto Insurance Quotes?

Finding the best auto insurance for you and your car can be intimidating. How do you determine the best car insurance companies or what policy might be right for you? Understanding how auto insurance works and what is needed for a quote can help you when getting quotes from different companies.

Liability Insurance

Understanding how basic auto insurance works can make the quote process easier and help you determine the best car insurance companies for your vehicle. Liability insurance coverage, which is required in most states, will protect you from financial loss if you cause an accident or damage another car or someone’s property with your vehicle. Liability coverage not only pays for damages but can cover legal defense costs if you are sued, even if you are not found guilty of causing the damage. The amount required for the deductible can vary from state to state. A state department of motor vehicles website can give the minimum required deductible for your state.

Other Types of Auto Insurance

There are several other types of personal auto insurance that may not be required but can protect you from financial loss in case of accident or damage to you or your car. Collision insurance covers damage to your own vehicle if your car hits another car or another object. Comprehensive insurance pays for any damage not caused by an accident, such as vandalism or hitting an animal, such as a deer. If someone hits you who does not have insurance, or who does not have enough insurance to pay for damages and medical bills, uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage can help pay for those costs. Medical payments insurance pays for you or your passengers’ injuries in case of an accident, no matter who is at fault.

What to Bring

You will likely need to bring some information with you when you request an auto insurance quote. There are two kinds of quotes: a basic quote and a full quote. A basic quote can use general information to determine an approximate quote. A full quote may use your information unique to you for an exact quote that will be the cost of your insurance. Some initial information you will probably need to get a basic quote is the make, model, and year of your car. For a full quote, you will need the vehicle identification number, or VIN. This number can often be found at the base of the driver’s side front window. Another location the VIN can often be found is the driver’s side door where the door latches. From this information, an agent can pull up the rest of the vehicle information from a database. An agent will also request you to tell them if you have had any accidents or tickets in the past three or five years and may need to see your driver’s license.

The best car insurance companies can explain in detail how their policy can suit your needs, along with what is covered and not covered in the policy they are offering. A licensed professional insurance agent can give you a quote and tell you what coverages they offer.

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