5 Crazy Facts About Commercial Driving in the U.S.

There’s no doubt that the roads across America are filled with so many vehicles each and every day. From people trying to get to and from work to those that actually make their living by hitting the road, traffic has never been busier as the auto industry continues to boom. There’s a huge need for commercial auto insurance quotes in California, particularly because the Golden State has some of the craziest congestion in the country with so many motorists depending on regular driving. Here are five surprising facts about commercial driving in the U.S. that you should know!

15.5 Million

That’s the estimated number of trucks traveling across U.S. highways at the moment. These trucks are used for a variety of industrial, manufacturing and retail uses. Commercial auto insurance in California can protect many of the state’s truckers that join so many other large-scale vehicles on the roads each day.

$650 billion

This is how many dollars a year truckers generate in the U.S. This accounts for about 5 percent of the American GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This figure makes it obvious how important road safety and commercial auto insurance quotes in California are for drivers that may be heading across states, regions and even the country!

12.8 Percent

This is the percentage of fuel purchases in the U.S. that can be attributed to commercial truck drivers. This makes sense, considering how much gasoline these big trucks require to get to their destination safe and sound. Commercial drivers need to fill up a lot to keep on moving in the right direction!

20,500 Gallons

That’s how much gasoline is used by the average commercial vehicle in one year, much more than the everyday household vehicle. Personal cars and vans often operate on just 500 gallons of gas a year, but commercial vehicles are used more often and driven across farther distances.

70 Percent

This is how much of the total freight transported across the country is done so by truck. Cargo ships and cargo planes are other commonly used methods of transportation for freight of all kinds, from machinery parts to clothing and toys. Small business and large corporations all make the most of commercial trucking to get their products and equipment to the right place at the right time. Once protected by commercial auto insurance quotes for California, companies can accomplish so much with trucking transportation.

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